Residents of Tadmur check on their homes in preparation for returning to their city

Tadmur, SANA – To help prepare for their return to their city Tadmur (Palmyra) which had been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army and in which basic services have been restored, Homs Governorate provided buses for transporting the residents of Tadmur who had been displaced to their city.

Dozens of Tadmur residents who had been displaced by terrorists took the buses from the Homs Governorate building to their city so that they can check on their homes and begin repairing them, joining thousands who had went to the city before and began the process of repairing their houses and properties as water, electricity, healthcare, communications, and transport services became available there once more.

The buses will continue to run trips every day, setting off from Homs Governorate building at 4 AM and returning from Tadmur at 4 PM.

Hazem Sabbagh

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