Nov. 1, UNESCO established

1908- Sultan Abdul Hamid II appoints Sharif Hussein as a prince of Mecca.

1911- Throwing the first bomb from an Italian warplane during the Ottoman-Italian war.

1914- War erupts between the Ottomans and the Russian Empire during the World War I.

1945- The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “UNESCO” established.

1950- The first MiG- 15 warplane used in an attack against the US forces during the Korean war.

1950- US President Harry Truman escapes an assassination attempt by two persons from Puerto Rico.

1952- The US explodes the first hydrogen bomb in history on Eniwetok Island .

1962- The Soviet Union launches the first aircraft to Mars.

1977- The US withdraws from the International Labor Organization (ILO).

1921- Lebanese singer Wadi al-Safi was born.

1992- Algerian author Mohammad al-Shareef Mustaghanmi passes away.

National Day in Algeria.

R. al-Jazaeri/Ghossoun

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