Shaaban: Belt and Road initiative an alternative to Western hegemony

Beijing, SANA – Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban on Friday delivered a speech at the opening session of the sub-forum of the second Belt and Road international summit.

In the speech, Shaaban said that Syria has been subjected to a terrorism war for the past eight years, and the latest form of this war is the US and Western attempts to prevent any connection between Syria, Iraq, and Iran, because such connection is vital for economic, social, and cultural life, stressing that the emphasis by the Belt and Road initiative on building connections between countries is vital.

She said that the Belt and Road initiative is very important in confronting Western hegemony and attempts to divide peoples, and it is specifically important for the countries of West Asia, the Middle East, and the Arab world.

Shaaban said Syria’s enemies are depriving the Syrian people from food, medicine, and energy, and the Western view that imposes economic sanctions believes that “the West is above humanity” which is the basis of the problems in the world.

“The vision on which the Belt and Road initiative is based is that humanity is one, which is why Syria views it as a radical solution for humanity’s problem, creating a single humanity with equal respect,” she said.

Shaaban thanked China, considering the initiative to be an alternative for Western hegemony and for building walls among countries, adding that the special thing about this initiative is the respect with which it views peoples and states, a culture shared by Syria.

The Belt and Road summit is attended by the heads of 37 states, in addition to 150 ministers from around the world.

Hazem Sabbagh

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