People of occupied Golan renew utter rejection of Israel’s plan to implement wind turbines project

Quneitra, SANA _ Since the occupation of the Syrian Arab Golan, the Israeli occupation authorities have systematically looted its natural and agricultural resources through hundreds of arbitrary and aggressive schemes and practices against people, land and history of the occupied Syrian Golan.

Today, the people of occupied Syrian Golan renew their utter rejection of the new settlement plan through the wind turbines project that the occupation intends to implement on the citizens’ properties and confiscating their lands by force on the pretexts of property documents.

They reiterated their belonging to their Syrian homeland and adherence to the Syrian Arab identity and determination to confront all practices and forms of Judaization exercised by the Israeli occupation authorities.

Signing the national document issued by the religious bodies and social activities, residents of Majdal Shams, Mas’ada, Baqatha and Ein Qunya villages, underlined readiness to continue the battle to defend the land and abort the plans of Judaization and forcible displacement .

The locals affirmed that they reject building the turbines as they will have a very negative impact on agriculture, the environment, and livestock, particularly that most of them rely on agriculture and the turbines are a big threat to their crops.

They confirmed their commitment to their land which they inherited from their fathers and grandfathers thousands of years ago and registered in the Syrian real estate records and they will not give up.

The occupation authorities latest project to displace Syrians in the occupied Golan involves building wind turbines over farmlands  in the areas of al-Hafayer, Sahita, al-Khawarit, al-Masna’a, Hama al-Mshairfeh, and Ra’abna in the Golan.


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