DPRK people celebrate birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il

Pyongyang, SANA- People of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) commemorated on Saturday the 77th birth anniversary of late leader Kim Jong Il who passed away in 2011, recalling his outstanding life dedicated to the Korean people.

Leader Kim with his intellectual insight had worked on glorifying the Juche idea and the idea of  Sunkun (military first politics) as a guiding principle for Korea and a leading approach of the age of independence.

In the course of his intellectual activities and tireless theory since his early years, he set the revolutionary ideas of President Kim Il-Sung, founder of socialist Korea in a general integrated methodology based on the idea of Juche and its theories and methods.

Leader Kim strengthened the Korean Labor Party as a leading force and under his leadership, the party was able to demonstrate its dignity as a party of struggle in which the unity of thought and leadership was fully realized and characterized by an unrivaled regulatory and discipline spirit. It became a party that took care of the fate of people at its full responsibility and a party in which the continuity of leadership was fully guaranteed.

In the late 20th century, after the DPRK suffered from the worst situation due to the collapse of the socialist regime, Kim applied the policy of Sunkun in all aspects of state affairs until the DPRK showed its capabilities more as a bulwark of socialism and the People’s Army was strengthened as a powerful force that no one could undermine

Leader Kim also  exerted tireless efforts to strengthen the National Defense Forces and transformed Korea into a powerful nuclear weapon state. The Korean People’s Army showed its strength as a stronger army of thoughts and faith.

The late leader transformed society to one large family and the whole country into a strong political and intellectual state in which all the people  are united and it is no coincidence that the Korean people selected him as eternal Secretary-General of the Korean Labor Party and the eternal chairman of the National Defense Committee of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

He  set wonderful designs to build a prosperous socialist state under his dedicated field guidance through developing the era of knowledge industry and the introduction of digital operations via the computer in various industries and directing the economy of the country as a whole towards the age of knowledge economy.

During the reign of Leader Kim, the DPRK came to the status of the countries that produce and launch satellites. The whole country, including the city of Pyongyang, were also modernized and the Korean people had the prospects of enjoying socialism.

The source: DPRK Embassy in Damascus.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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