37th Anniversary of National Strike against Israel’s Annexation of Golan Marked

Quneitra, SANA – People of Quneitra and the occupied Syrian Golan commemorated on Thursday the 37th anniversary of the 1982 National Open Strike.

The strike, which was staged on the 14th of February 1982 and lasted for six months, came to declare rejection of the Israeli occupation authorities’ decision issued on December 14, 1981 to annex the occupied Syrian Golan and impose Israeli laws on its people.

Participants in the a festival held in Ein al-Tina site, overlooking the occupied Majdal Shams town, affirmed that Golan is a Syrian Arab land and is an integrated part of the Syrian sovereignty, adding that Golan will remain Syrian despite all the Zionist racial practices aimed at Judaizing and annexing it to the Zionist entity.

Secretary of the Syrian Communist Party (Quneitra branch), Hikmat Taloustan said that locals of the occupied Syrian Golan did not forget and will never abandon Golan, no matter how long the occupation lasts.

On the opposite side in the occupied Majdal Shams town, the liberated prisoner Bishr al-Maqt stressed that the 14th of February, 1982 is “a day of Arab heroism and dignity” , on which the locals of Golan held massive demonstrations against the Israeli authorities and staged the open strike , which lasted more than six months, to foil the Israeli ambitions in imposing the Zionist identity and the nationality of the Israeli occupation on the people of the Golan.

Al-Maqt convoyed a letter from the people of Golan, demanding that the international and humanitarian organizations pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to re-open the crossing of the liberated Quneitra city and break the siege on the locals in the villages of Majdal Shams, Masaada, Baq’atha , Ein Qenniyah and al-Ghajarin in order to be able to communicate with their families in the homeland Syria, and allow the students to cross to continue their studies in the Syrian universities.


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