Zarif : Necessity of return of all Syrian territory to authority of the Syrian state

Tehran ,SANA _ Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stressed the need for the return of all Syrian territory to authority of the Syrian state and the deployment of Syrian army on the borders of the country.

Zarif, in an interview with Russia’s RT on Thursday, said that the best way to maintain stability and security in Syria is the return of all Syrian territory to the sovereignty of the state.

He added that the deployment of the Syrian Arab army on the border with Turkey is the biggest guarantor to protect these borders.

Commenting on the Turkish regime’s threats of a new aggression in northern Syria, Zarif stressed Iran’s refusal to “replace an occupation with another”, stressing that the solution is the deployment of Syrian forces  and the extension of state sovereignty over it.

“Iran and Russia are ready to help reach a solution,” the Diplomat said.

” Issues of the committee of discussing the constitution, withdrawal of US troops from Syria, the situation in Idleb and the repeated Israeli aggression on Syria will be discussed during the upcoming Sochi summit between Russia, Iran and Turkey,” the Iranian minister added.

On the US withdrawal from Syria, Zarif said that the entry of US forces into Syria was, from the beginning, illegal and therefore they should withdraw immediately,  adding that Washington has reached the conclusion that  presence of its forces was not in the interest of the United States itself.


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