Trong receives credentials of Syria’s non-resident Ambassador to Vietnam

Hanoi, SANA_ Vietnamese president Nguyen Phu Trong  has received the credentials of Imad Moustafa as Syria’s non-resident ambassador to Vietnam.

President Trong asked Ambassador Moustafa to convey his greetings and appreciation to President Bashar al-Assad, voicing his pleasure for receiving a Syrian diplomatic envoy to his country.

In another meeting, Ambassador Mustapha and Vietnamese Vice Minister of Foriegn Affairs Nguyen Quoc Cuong agreed on the need to develop bilateral relations, especially economic ones, where Moustafa invited Vietnamese companies to come to Syria and participate in reconstruction projects.

Ambassador Moustafa thanked the friendly country of Vietnam for its positive attitude toward Syria during the crisis.

He spoke about the admiration and pride of the Syrian people for the heroic retaliation of the Vietnamese people to the French and American aggressions on Vietnam.

The Ambassador condemned the brutal massacres committed by the Western countries in Vietnam, pointing to the similarity of what happened in Vietnam and what is happening now in Syria.


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