Army retaliates to terrorists’ breaches in Hama Countryside, foils infiltration attempt

Hama/Homs, SANA_  Syrian Arab Army units operating in Hama northern countryside retaliated with appropriate weapons to terrorist groups’ attacks on military points that protect civilians in safe villages and towns.

SANA reporter in Hama said that the army units on Thursday launched intensive missile strikes on the positions of ” Al-Ezza Brigades”  terrorists and their movements in Kafr Zeita in retaliation to  their breaches of the demilitarized zone agreement and targeting with sniper fire the military points in Hama northern countryside.

The strikes,  the reporter added, resulted in inflicting losses upon terrorists in personnel and equipment and destroying their fortified positions from which they were launching their attacks on military points.

The army units also thwarted terrorist groups’ attempt to sneak into the outskirts of Ma’rkebeh town in Hama northern countryside, leaving its members killed or injured.

On Wednesday, army units conducted precision operations on fortified positions of terrorist groups that tried to infiltrate from the direction of Hasraya and al-Latamina towns into the military points positioned in Hams northern countryside.

Authorities kill terrorists tried to infiltrate from al-Tanf area towards safe areas in Homs countryside

The authorities eliminated a terrorist group attempted to infiltrate in a car from al-Tanf area towards the safe areas south of Tadmour (Palmyra) eastern countryside of Homs province.

SANA reporter in Homs said that the authorities detected the US-backed terrorist groups in al-Tanf area on the Syrian –Iraqi border , as they managed to kill members of a terrorist group that tried to sneak from al-Tanf area at night by a car in Badiya al-Hilbah, 70 km south of Tadmour.

The reporter added bodies of two terrorists were identified, including the Iraqi terrorist Elias Younis Hammoud al-Hilal who was wearing an explosive belt, as well as machineguns, RPGs, and an automatic rifle were found when the authorities were searching around the destroyed car.

In eastern countryside of Tadmour, the authorities thwarted an infiltration attempt by a terrorist group, while they were riding their motors in al-Talilah area, 20 km to the east of Tadmour, arresting three terrorists and confiscating the motors.






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