Sousan to French delegation: EU lost independence due to its subordination to US policies

 Damascus, SANA- Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Ayman Sousan on Tuesday received Former French Minister and Deputy Thierry Mariani and the accompanying delegation.

Talks during the meeting focused on the latest developments in Syria and on the regional and European arenas.

Sousan affirmed that the West’s bets against Syria have been undermined thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their brave armed forces.

He added that the interferences of the states which are conspiring against Syria have always aimed at complicating the situations and prolonging the crisis to serve the interests of terrorist groups.

Sousan reaffirmed that the great sacrifices by the Syrians came in translation of their adherence to Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and today they are more determined in their adherence to the independence of the national decision and to confronting all the attempts to interfere in their affairs and they consider that Syria’s future is their exclusive right.

Dr. Sousan noted that the European Union (EU) lost its independence due to its subordination to the US policies and it has become on the margin of the international arena, and the illegitimate unilateral measures it had imposed on  Syria have made it a partner in shedding the blood of the Syrians and increasing their suffering.

For his part, Mariani expressed happiness to visit Syria after the victories which have been achieved against terrorist groups, and he expressed confidence and hope that Syria will get out of this ordeal and that security and stability will be restored to it to return an example to follow in coexistence as it used to be.

He criticized the policies adopted by the West which have led to social and economic crises in its states and to the retreat in its role and effectiveness on the international arena.

Mariani underlined the necessity of adopting a new rapprochement by the European Union towards the situation in Syria in light of the current developments, asserting the necessity of lifting the sanctions imposed on Syria.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri




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