Damascus Chamber of Commerce calls on Armenian businessmen to benefit from investment opportunities in Syria

Damascus, SANA- The Board of Directors of Damascus Chamber of Commerce discussed on Sunday with a delegation of Syrian expatriates in Armenia and a number of Armenian economic figures means of upgrading economic and trade relations and establishing partnerships between the Syrian and Armenian businessmen at various levels.

Head of Damascus Chamber of Commerce Ghassan al-Qallaa called on the Armenian businessmen to take advantage of the available investment opportunities in Syria during the reconstruction stage, pointing out to the need to develop a mechanism for enhancing trade exchange between the two countries.

For his part, Secretary of the Chamber, Muhammad Hamsho indicated that large numbers of Syrian businessmen have been recently returning from Armenia to re-open their facilities after safety and security were restored.

In turn, Head of the Syrian-Armenian Business Council Leon Zaki underlined the necessity to activate the work of the Council and establish a council that brings together all the figures who are willing to work jointly, in addition to setting up clear cooperation mechanisms at various levels and increasing trade exchange.

The members of the delegation expressed desire to establish joint projects in the fields of power, electricity, food, waste management, debris-removal, furniture industry, and organizing exhibitions and conferences aimed at promoting investment in Syria.


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