Russian Expert: Defense Ministry’s lab analysis proves falseness of accusations against Syrian army

Moscow, SANA-Director of Special laboratory at Russian Defense Ministry Vladimir  Vateinkov announced Monday that the results of the independent analysis of the chemical lab on the samples that were taken from supposed places of using chemical weapons in Syria have proven the falseness of accusations directed to the Syrian army.

Vateinkov told Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper in an interview published today that since 2014 and until today, the lab team has analyzed more than 700 different samples from those places, adding that the results of analysis were sent to the Russian Foreign and Defense Ministries and then they were used at the UNSC and the Organization on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons as evidence on the fabrications of using chemical weapons by the Syrian army.

Syria has repeatedly affirmed that the US and western states are continuously using the allegations of chemical weapons as a pretext to justify aggression on its territories.



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