Abu Said: Washington violates int’l conventions using white phosphorus bombs in Deir Ezzor countryside

Beirut, SANA- Commissioner for the International Commission of Human Rights Haitham Abu Said condemned on Monday the repeated massacres committed by warplanes of the illegitimate US-led “International Coalition” against civilians in Hajin town in Deir Ezzor Countryside which claimed the lives of scores and injured others.

On Sunday, warplanes of the so-called “International Coalition” committed a new massacre in Hajin town claiming the lives of two children and two women and injuring others.

On Nov. 9th, the coalition committed another massacre after targeting civilians’ houses with scores of airstrikes as at least 26 civilians were martyred, some of them children and women and scores were injured, in addition to causing huge material damage to the houses.

Abu Said said in a statement that the US-led coalition used bombs made of white phosphor which is internationally banned in another attack on Hajin town to prove again that Washington violates all the international conventions.

R. al-jazaeri/Ghossoun

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