Student competition exhibition kicks off in Slovakia with Syria’s participation

Bratislava, SANA – Syria is taking part in the student competition exhibition which kicked off Wednesday in the Slovak capital, Bratislava, with the participation of student delegations from 25 countries from around the world organized by the Slovak Economics University.

The Syrian pavilion showcases a set of Syrian traditional handicrafts and large wall posters to introduce the rich history and ancient civilization of Syria.

Canada’s Ambassador to Slovakia, John von Kaufmann, and Vice President of University of Economics in Bratislava Boris Mattos toured the Syrian pavilion, expressing admiration of the Syrian exhibits.

They also watched a documentary film on the destruction caused to the Syrian archeological sites and the theft and vandalizing acts committed by terrorist groups. The two officials distributed certificates of appreciation to the participating Syrian students.

For his part, Head of Slovakia branch of the National Union of Syrian Students, Dr. Ali As’ad, stressed the Union’s keenness on participating in this annual event in order to convey the real image of Syria and expose the terrorists’ criminal and sabotage acts.



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