President al-Assad: One of the biggest mistakes made by many European countries is separation from reality

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad received on Thursday a Polish delegation, headed by MP Pavel Skutitsky.

Members of the delegation indicated that the main purpose of their visit to Syria is to take a closer look at the latest developments.

President al-Assad affirmed that that one of the biggest mistakes made by many European countries is separation from reality, adding that “for any government or administration to know the things for what they are is the most important step on the road to building a correct realistic policy that helps in adopting positions and stances which serve the interests of their people and contribute to their protection.”

President al-Assad explained to the Polish delegation the war which the Syrian people have been facing for more than seven years, whose tools have varied from terrorism, direct aggression, economic sanctions, and attempts to intervene in their internal affairs and imposing isolation and siege.

The delegation’s members stressed that this war and the achievements made by Syria against the terrorist organizations have contributed to staving off terrorism that could have been transported to the neighboring countries and to Europe later.

They expressed hope that the Syrian state would fully eradicate terrorism and re-establish control over all of its territory.

The delegation reviewed the outcomes of the meetings which they held recently in Damascus and their initiatives, including the establishment of a Syrian-Polish parliamentary committee to bolster relations between the two countries and discuss mechanisms of culture exchange in a way that serves the interests of the two peoples.

President al-Assad welcomed these suggestions, affirming that Syria is open to any efforts that will build good relations between peoples.

In the same context, Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hamoudeh Sabbagh met the delegation , discussing means of strengthening the parliamentary relations between the two countries.











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