Syrian army continues to raze the hideouts of foreign-backed terrorists

Provinces, SANA_ Army units on Friday continued to raze the hideouts of foreign-backed armed terrorist groups across the country, inflicting heavy losses upon them and their vehicles.

Army units targeted gatherings and dens of terrorists in al-Hamadin neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad in the city of Daraa and in the villages and towns of Enkhil, Zemrin, Deir al-Adas and al-Mzeirib in the countryside of the southern province, leaving many terrorists dead and wounded.

A cording to a military source, a number of terrorists were killed and wounded in the villages of Um Sahrij, Abo Hawadid, Rahoum, Telal Rajm al-Qasser, Eb al-Ghajar, Talbesseh, Ein Hussein,  Ezzedine  and Kfar Laha, in Homs countryside.

The source said that army units foiled terrorists’ infiltration attempt from Rahoum village towards Jib al-Jarrah,  and destroyed a car with all terrorists and weapons inside it on the road of Talas-al-Rastan..

In Idleb countryside, a military source said that an army unit eliminated all members of an armed terrorist group in al-Rouj plain.

Terrorists’ dens were targeted in Sarqeb, Abo al-Dhour, Hmaimat al-Dayer, around Tal Salmo, Kafar Roma and in Bennish .

Many terrorists’ vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns were destroyed while targeting terrorists’ hideouts in the villages and towns of al-Shegher, al-Tiabat, al-Wasita and in the vicinity of Tall al-Sultan.

A number of terrorists were left dead as a unit of the armed forces targeted their gatherings and dens in Deir Sunbul and Khan al-Subul in the countryside.


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