Syria condemns false allegations of French Foreign Ministry statement on what it described anniversary of liberating Raqqa

Damascus, SANA- Syria strongly condemns false allegations and misleading campaign included in statement of the French Foreign Ministry regarding what it described as anniversary of liberating Raqqa City, an official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Sunday.

“The entire world has witnessed the systematic destruction of Raqqa city by the so-called international coalition and the rotten bodies of innocent civilians in the streets of the city and the displacement of the rest of its inhabitants which amounts to crimes of genocide that require accountability at a time when safe corridors were opened for evacuating Daesh (ISIS) terrorists under the protection of the US-French coalition forces to use them elsewhere in order to complicate the crisis in Syria and prolong it to serve the agendas of the colonial West,” the source said.

The source added that the support, talked about by the French statement, which is provided to some groups in Syria, is very clear evidence on the sinister and destructive policy adopted by the French Government towards Syria.

The Foreign Ministry source said that what happened in Raqqa is a shame for France and reminds us of its colonialist history which is full of crimes against the peoples.

The source demanded the French public opinion and honest people in France to unveil the French campaign of lies that defames the reputation of their country.

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