Syria, Crimea discuss enhancing economic and trade cooperation

Damascus, SANA- President of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov and the accompanying delegation discussed with officials in Syria the steps and the agreements which will form the basis for the economic relations between the two countries.

Governor Aksyonov and the accompanying delegation which comprises a number of ministers, directors of companies and advisers, held two sessions of talks with Syrian officials as the two sides agreed on establishing “a Syrian house of trade in the Crimean Republic” and a joint shipping company.
The two sides also agreed on facilitating the financial and banking procedures between the two countries.

Talks also dealt with the possibility of establishing partnerships in the domain of tourism, hotel training, culture, oil, agriculture, construction, establishment of mining factories and mining tools, in addition to the facilitations that could be provided to the Syrian and Crimean merchants and industrialists.

In a statement to journalists following the talks, President Aksyonov said that the talks covered the suggestions by the Crimean delegation to supply Syria with the products which its country is famous for such as the equipment used in building railways, construction and agricultural products, in addition to the possible supply routes through the Crimean ports.

He expressed optimism over the positive outcomes reached by the two sides which would contribute to enhancing the friendly relations between the two countries.
In a similar statement, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohammad Samer Khalil said that Crimea is one of the closet ports of the Black Sea and consequently, it plays a significant role on the level of the bilateral trade exchange between Syria and Crimea and the trilateral trade exchange between Syria, Crimea and the Russian Federation.

Earlier, President Aksyonov and the accompanying delegation held a bilateral meeting with Lattakia Governor Ibrahim Khuder al-Salem during which the two sides discussed the signing of a twinning agreement between the cities of Yalta and Lattakia and other agreements on encouraging Syrian exports to Crimea and the surrounding countries, in addition to carrying out tourism projects in the two coastal cities.

During the Businessmen and Businesswomen Forum held at Dama Rose Hotel under the title “Crimea… A Basis for Growth of Russian-Syrian Relations”, President Aksyonov stressed in a speech his country’s readiness to receive the Syrian products in its markets and to supply the Syrian market with its products, in addition to overcoming all obstacles which would prevent that.

He expressed readiness of the Crimean Republic to provide all the required facilitations and to start flights between the two countries, in addition to providing medical aid to the children and the wounded personnel of the Syrian Arab Army.

He called upon Syrian businessmen to participate in Yalta Economic Forum which will be held in April 2019.

For his part, Economy Minister underlined the importance of the meeting between the two sides on the level of businessmen based on their conviction of the importance of the private sector in completing the efforts of the two governments with regard to the trade exchange and the establishment of investment partnerships in several sectors.

He indicated that the establishment of the Syrian Trade House will be a basis for the trade process in the Crimean Republic and the surrounding states as it is a free economic zone and therefore, there will not be fees or taxes on the Syrian goods.

For his part, Lattakia Governor talked about the similar nature in the cities of Lattakia and Yalta which facilitates the process of knowing the possible projects in both of them.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri/ Ghossoun

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