Syria, Russia to boost cooperation in domains of oil, gas and energy

Moscow, SANA-Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali Ghanem discussed Thursday with Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and representatives of a number of Russian companies means of boosting bilateral cooperation and implementing agreements signed between Russia and Syria in the fields of oil, gas and energy.

“Our ambition is to boost our relations, particularly in the oil field and we hope these relations would promote up into the level of historic ties between the two countries,” Ghanem said on the sidelines of the second day of International Forum on energy in Moscow.

Novak, for his part, stressed that the Russian ties with Syria are featured by amity since decades of years, adding “We support the dialogue being held between the two states on highest levels and we give special importance to revive the Syrian economy as we signed a road map in the fields of electric energy, oil and gas.”

In this regard, Ghanem discussed with representatives of a number of Russian companies issues on developing cooperation with the Russian side in the domains of drilling, investment and deriving substances from oil and gas.

Mazen Eyon






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