Shaqra archeological tower, witness on terrorists’ systematic crimes against civilization


Daraa, SANA- The Takfiri terrorist organizations and their backers, on top the Israeli enemy, have worked on destroying and looting the archeological monuments in Syria which narrate the story of the cradle of human civilizations.

In framework of their systematic attacks on the history of the region and its civilization, terrorists attacked Shaqra Tower which was named after a town located 43 km to the northeast of Daraa City.

The palace which dates back to the Roman era, has been preserved by the locals of the town as it is a witness on the civilization and importance of the area as it represents a type of architectural engineering distinguished by multiplicity of doors and arches which are made of basalt stones that endow them with a grey color.

Head of Daraa Antiquities Department Dr. Mohammad al-Nasrallah told SANA reporter that the tower consists of three levels and its total height is about 8.5 meters and that it is built over a square base and it has four entrances decorated with arches.

He indicated that the third level in the northern part of the tower was destroyed due to the terrorist attacks.

Al-Nasrallah added that the tower, which is enlisted on the registry of the national heritage in 1968, was built in the Roman era and it was used for defense purposes similar to tens of towers in al-Lajat area.

He said that the tower will be restored in the framework of the restoration plan of Daraa Antiquities Department.

R. Jazaeri/

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