Sara: What Syria, Cuba have been exposed to due to refusal to submit to US hegemony

Havana, SANA- Information Minister Imad Sara has said that the ongoing terrorist war on Syria is a complex war in which all military, economic, diplomatic and media tools were used.

Addressing the International Conference of Radio and Television in Havana on Saturday, Sara added that what Syria and Cuba have been exposed to is the result of their refusal to submit to the American hegemony .

“ The media war against Syria used various methods of misleading and falsifying facts to distort the reality of the situation in Syria,” the Minister said.

He hailed the great role played by the Syrian media and the friendly media outlets in confronting  the media war and revealing the facts to the world public opinion.

A short film was careened about the role played by the Syrian media in facing the media war against Syria.

On Friday, Minister Sara and president of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT), Alfonso Noya Martinez inked a memo of understanding to bolster media cooperation.


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