IEDs and mines left behind by terrorists found in Yalda and Babila

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Authorities discovered on Sunday IEDs, land mines, various kinds of shells , Saudi-made toxic materials, and a network of connected tunnels and trenches left over by terrorists, while canvassing the towns of Yalda and Babila in south Damascus.

SANA’s correspondent reported that the engineering units continued canvassing BeitSahem, Babila and Yalda towns and the surrounding farms, from which terrorists have been evacuated to northern Syria.

The authorities in collaboration with the locals discovered a number of IEDs, a mix of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, grenades and protective masks used during making chemicals.

Some of the founded mines were designed for use against humans which are usually mines with pin-detonating fuses or threads, , containing high explosives (HE) made in Saudi Arabia and meant to target civilians, the correspondent added.

While combing the town of Babila, the engineering units discovered a trench connected with a extending from the center of the town towards Saydi Miqdad neighborhood that terrorists dug under the houses.

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