Investment, Reconstruction and Tourism Conference kicks off in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA- The Investment, Reconstruction and Tourism Conference was launched on Wednesday on the sidelines of the Aleppo International Fair held at al-Shahbaa Hotel in Aleppo city.

Speaking at the conference, Representative of Syrian Investment Agency (SIA) Fotoun Istanboli said the Agency has allocated 18 real investment opportunities to Aleppo valued at USD 710 million and is seeking for partners to help investors whose projects have been damaged as a result of the war.

In turn, Head of Sheikh Najar Industrial city Hazem Ajan said that the number of industrial establishments operating in the City is up to 500 in addition to 180 establishments which are under rehabilitation as well as 33 facilities under construction.

For his part, Hasan Khaled of Aleppo Tourism Directorate said that 40 tourism projects are currently under investment.

On Saturday, the first edition of Aleppo International Fair kicked off with the participation of 400 local and foreign companies.

The seven-day fair covers the fields of banking, insurance, and various industrial and commercial sectors such as food products, engineering, chemicals, and technology.


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