Remarkable turnout on Syrian products and industries in Moscow

Moscow, SANA – “Made in Syria” expo kicked off in Moscow with the participation of more than 40 Syrian companies and manufacturers.

The exhibited Syrian products varied between food materials, beverages, sweets, textiles, children clothing and lingerie.

Speaking at the exhibition’s inauguration, representative of the Syrian Embassy in Moscow underlined the importance of the wide participation of Syrian companies and factories set a clear evidence on the recovery of Syrian economy and that the wheel of production in Syria has started to run again.

Interviewed by SANA correspondent in Moscow, Head of the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs, Igor Barinov, highlighted the significance of this event as it shows the solid foundations of the Syrian economy and the beginning of the economic recovery and reconstruction stage after the destruction caused by terrorism.

The participants pointed out that this activity proves the high quality and competitiveness of the Syrian products.

They added that the exhibition would not be possible without the great efforts exerted by the Syrian government in cooperation with the Russian counterpart under the supervision of Damascus Chamber of Commerce.

They also indicated to the facilitations provided by the Syrian Embassy in Moscow such as giving privileges to the Syrian manufacturers in terms of custom tariffs and money transfer services.

R. Raslan/Ghossoun

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