Paintings with hallmarks of Syrian and Arab artists at “Candles of Peace 4″exhibition

Damascus, SANA- Paintings and sculptures bearing the hallmarks and styles of 61 Syrian and Arab artists are exhibited in the 4th edition of “Candles of Peace” exhibition recently opened in the Damascus Opera House.

The artworks exhibited belong to different generations and different artistic schools from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Saudi Arabia and focused on Woman, land and beauty.

Artist, Lina Rezeq, the supervisor of the exhibition said that “Candles of Peace 4” is part of a series of exhibitions which were launched in 2016 at the exhibitions gallery of the Damascus Opera House.

The second exhibition, Rezeq added, was held in Swaida province in 2017, and in the same year the third one was opened in the city of Sidon, in southern Lebanon,  clarifying that these exhibitions will continue with the candles of peace touring the countries .

Repeating this experience by Syrian and Arab artists emphasizes that art unites peoples and transcends impacts of wars, participant artists said.

They considered that art sends messages of peace since it is a sublime means of dialogue that presents   the artist’s ideas to people without coercion.

The Arab artists have proved that art can bring us together despite what is going on in the region.

“Candles of Peace 4” exhibition is a humanitarian and artistic event and a message to show that the Syrian people will ever remain creative despite the war and all circumstances.

The exhibition will continue until April 30 .

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