Ghouta locals demand: ‘Impress reality on them’

Damascus, SANA-The locals of Ghouta who have borne the brunt of terrorist acts that sent them searching for safety outside their towns give utterance to a series of demands, chief among them is a military firm line against terrorists and the full establishment of state control over Douma in Eastern Ghouta.

Locals from Eastern Ghouta who are living in Herjalleh makeshift center have spoken to SANA, explaining that terrorist organizations “labor under illusions and a state of denial” which makes them repeatedly breach agreements with the Syrian state to evacuate civilians.

“May God protect the Syrian army in Douma,” a man in his fifties implored in an interview with SANA outside his house in Herjalleh, saluting the Syrian army as “the shield of security that has ridden us of injustice and suffering.”

Echoing similar thoughts, Hussein Dallah described terrorists in Douma as “big-headed and intransigent,” hoping the Syrian army will soon establish full control over Douma.

Malak, also from Eastern Ghouta, says terrorists have “taken a wrong path” along which they sought to drag civilians, reflecting on the unspeakable amount of pain and torture they inflicted on al-Ghouta civilians.

The Syrian state has secured the exit of thousands of civilians from Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside, relocating them to makeshift centers equipped with basic services and accommodations.

Jaish al-Islam, a terrorist organization predominant in Douma, has breached an agreement to evacuate terrorists and their families from the city to Jarablous, launching fresh attacks with rockets and shells against capital Damascus.


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