Main entrance of Baal Shamin Temple uncovered in Sweida

Sweida, SANA – The main entrance of Baal Shamin Temple was uncovered along with the entrance’s step during excavation works carried out in the archeological village of See’a in the southern province of Sweida.

Head of Sweida Antiquities Department Hussein Zen-Eddin clarified in a statement to SANA that a number of precious findings were uncovered in the northern side of the Temple including coins, a number of inscriptions, parts of the Nabataean and Greek writings, in addition to some decorations.

Zen-Eddin pointed out to writings that refer to the date of establishing the temple in the Nabataean and Greek languages dating back in time to the first century BC, some of which refer to the writer of the inscription himself Auss Bin Malkia.

He pointed out that the previous excavation works carried out in See’a uncovered the Temple completely, its steps, a number of pottery items and bronze coins.

Baal Shamin is the largest temple in the southern area of Syria. It consists of an altar and a courts and it dates back in time to the years 23 and 1 BC.

R. Milhem / Ghossoun




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