Syrian Army continues to advance against al-Nusra, recaptures Beit Sawa in Ghouta

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Syrian Arab Army units continued on Friday their military operations in Eastern Ghouta, targeting the gatherings of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and the armed groups affiliated to it, establishing full control on Beit Sawa village.

SANA’s reporter said that the Syrian Arab Army continued concentrated operations carried out under heavy fire cover against the dens of al-Nusra and the groups affiliated to it positioned in Eastern Ghouta.

The army managed to recapture the village of Beit Sawa, resulting in cutting off one the most important supply routes used by the terrorist organizations to procure ammunition and militants, and that will limit their ability to maneuver and will make their fortified positions vulnerable to the army’s fire.

The reporter added that the army units are continuing their operations against the remnants of the Jabaht al-Nusra and its affiliates in the area, heading towards Madira town to the northwest of the village of Beit Sawa, with the aim of cutting off the terrorists’ supply lines between the north and the south parts of Ghouta.

In parallel with the military operations, the authorities established a new safe corridor connecting Jisreen to al-Mleha town to evacuate the civilians who manage to leave Eastern Ghouta, in addition to the safe corridor leading to al-Wafedeen camp which has been secured for 11 days, although the terrorist groups are still preventing civilians from leaving by targeting the corridors with shells and explosive bullets.

Emma / Hazem Sabbagh

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