Faces from life in “Fading Away” art exhibition by Rima Salamoun

Damascus, SANA- Artist Rima Salamoun opted to present the faces of her expressive paintings a new style using ink on paper technique in the exhibit held at Kamel Gallery under the title “Fading Away.”

Salamoun presented works in varying sizes ranging from 120 small drawings with blue and black ink pens, and 20 in in medium size, some of which included red dots symbolizing blood, in addition to 13 large pieces that vary in the materials used which include pens, brushes, and liquid ink, all in black.

Salamoun said that due to the fact that she doesn’t have a studio in Damascus, she started by using small papers, until she reached satisfying results, then she started to draw faces in larger sizes.

“These paintings represent the effect of the passage of time on the human being, which is achieved by the accumulating lines one over the other to form the final features for the faded and distorted faces,” Salamoun explained.

Rima Salamoun was born in Damascus 1963, and graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty at Damascus University in 1987. She is a member of the Plastic Artists Union, and is devoted for her artwork.

Maya Dayoub / Hazem Sabbagh

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