‘We Will Remain’ depicts Aleppo in three-minute reality film

Aleppo, SANA- ‘We Will Remain’ is a short reality film produced by Marut al-Soufi as a gift to his hometown, Aleppo, which celebrates its liberation anniversary from terrorism.

“Aleppo! I’ve been here and I will remain here,” is the saying to end up the three and half-minute film that describes conscientiously the hardship of war, and pain of separation from Aleppo.

The film sends a message that Aleppo will stay no matter how long its people expatriated.

It was directed by Rami Abdullah, music by Hazem Jabbour, casting by Yola Qaswat, Jamal Soufi and Marut Soufi, and it took a month to be done as it narrates the creator’s real story.

The twenty-one-year Marut al-Soufi started making short films since he was sixteen when he produced ‘Syrian Girl’, ‘A letter to Julia Butros’, and ‘For What’.

Maya Dayoub/ Manar Al-Freih

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