Venezuelan President warns against the imperialist powers’ acts to destabilize Syria

Caracas, SANA – President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela warned against the acts of “the imperialist powers” to disrupt stability in Syria and the countries of the Middle East region.

Maduro was speaking at the concluding session of a workshop on the design of the system of the formation of the Venezuelan United Socialist Party.

In his speech, the Venezuelan President referred to an article written by former Cuban President Fidel Castro in which the latter cautioned against the U.S.-Western attempts to destabilize the entire region by means of employing Takfiri terrorist organizations.

President Maduro cited Castro’s criticism of the US’s foreign policy, which he said aims at stirring up conflicts in several countries.

In his article, which was published by official Cuban newspapers, Castro held the US and Israel responsible for the creation of the terrorist organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which already holds sway in large swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Castro blamed the Israeli Mossad for colluding with U.S. Senator John McCain to create ISIS.

Haifa Said

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