“Made in Syria Exhibition” in Baghdad witnesses remarkable marketing movement

Baghdad, SANA- “Made in Syria” exhibition, being held in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, achieved a qualitative leap in marketing its goods and inking subsequent export contracts to the Iraqi markets.

Head of the Syrian Exporters Federation, Mohammad al-Sawah, told SANA that the marketing movement exceeded 25 thousand invoices today and this is an early indicator on the remarkable success the exhibition, in its 10th day, has achieved.

Visitors of the exhibition affirmed, in statements, that the return of Syrian industries to the Iraqi market asserts the victory of Syria on takfiri terrorism, and called for opening new exhibitions such as an exhibition of Syrian medicines and pharmaceutical products in Baghdad.

The activities of “Made in Syria” exhibition kicked off on December 9 and witnessed a huge turnout of businessmen, traders and Iraqi citizens.

The 20-day exhibition encourages direct-to-consumer selling.


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