Update-Seven persons including children injured due to attack by armed groups in Daraa

Daraa/Homs, SANA – Seven persons were injured on Monday due to an attack with shells by armed groups on al-Kashef neighborhood in Daraa city, in a new violation of the de-escalation zone agreement in the southern region.
SANA’s reporter in Daraa said that armed groups fired shells on the Sports Hall in al-Kashef neighborhood during a friendly handball game, injuring seven persons and causing material damage.

A medical source at the Clinics Complex said that seven persons, including four children and a woman, were rushed to the Complex for treatment as a result of the attack.

Terrorist groups shell villages, attack locals in Homs countryside

The armed groups positioned in the southwesterly farms of al-Rastan city targeted, with sniper fire, the village of Kfernan, preventing the locals from heading to their work and farms and living their normal life.

SANA reporter said that an army unit responded with heavy bombardment to the sniper fire source, inflicting heavy losses upon gunmen.

On Sunday, terrorist groups shelled civilians’ houses in the villages of al-Musheirfa and Jabbourin.

Armed groups, according to SANA reporter, positioned in Homs northern countryside fired a number of rocket and mortar shells on the villages of al-Musheirfa and Jabbourin, causing only material damage to the locals’ properties.

On December 12th, terrorist groups positioned in Talbisa town violated the de-escalation zone agreement to the north of Homs City as they shelled the villages of Akrad al-Dasnyia and Jabbourin causing material damage.

Since reaching the de-escalation zone agreement in the northern of Homs city last August, the armed groups have repeatedly breached the agreement by targeting the safe villages and towns in a desperate attempt to foil the agreement and undermine the continued local reconciliation in Homs countryside.

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