Borodavkin: Americans must leave Syria immediately

Moscow, SANA – Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations in Geneva Alexey Borodavkin expressed concerns on Friday over the US presence in Syria, calling on the American forces stationed in Syria illegally “to pack their rucksacks and go.”

“We believe that after the victory over the Daesh (ISIS) there is no need for the US-led coalition to further remain in Syria, especially given that they had not been invited there,” Sputnik quoted Borodavkin as saying, adding that “So, we are calling on the Americans to pack their rucksacks and go.”

He also confirmed that the Syrian Armed Forces are now capable of repelling the terrorists in Syria, especially after the defeat of Daesh terrorist organization there.

Borodavkin stressed that the 8th round of the intra-Syrian talks in Geneva concluded on Friday without any “outcome” because of the preconditions that the opposition still insist on, adding that “The opposition delegation arrived for the talks with the position that in fact cannot be called negotiating.”

The Russian official stressed that this opposition should declare clearly in its documents that it does not see any military solution to the crisis in Syria, and that it also should take into consideration the work on the political process and make its demands consistent with reality in Syria, which would help the success of the Geneva talks.

Borodavkin also said that allegations that the Sochi congress may undermine the Geneva political process were groundless and attempts to create problems in the face of the preparations for this congress.

He stressed that the Sochi congress is an opportunity that neither the Syrians nor the main players involved in the settlement – including the UN – should miss.

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