Moscow: Shelling chancery in Damascus will not affect Russia’s resolve to eradicate terror hubs in Syria

Moscow, SANA – Russia affirmed that the terrorists’ provocations and the shelling of the Russian chancery in Damascus  will not affect Russia’s resolve to continue cooperation with partners to eliminate terror hubs in Syria, to contribute to restoration of peace and security in the country, strengthening of its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.

“A shell fired by terrorist groups hit the outer fence of dwelling compound at the Russian embassy, causing damage to the building’s wall, electricity lines and the water supplies system,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry, adding that no one was hurt.

The ministry strongly condemned the recent terrorist attack, adding that Moscow has repeatedly drawn attention of the international community to continuing shelling of the Syrian capital at the hands of terrorist groups which oppose the restoration of peace to the Syrian territory.

It added that those irresponsible acts claim the lives of civilians, including women, children and elderly men.



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