Army continues successful advance towards Al-Bukmal city

Deir Ezzor, SANA- Army units, backed by the air force, carried out intensive operations against ISIS fortifications and positions in Deir Ezzor and its southeastern countryside on the direction of Al-Bukmal city.

SANA reporter said that the army units engaged in fierce clashes with ISIS terrorist groups in Howeijet Saqer and al-Sinaa neighborhood, as the army air force and artillery directed intensive strikes on ISIS fortifications and hideouts in the neighborhoods of al-Sheikh Yassin, Souk al-Hal, Sinema Fouad Street, al-Howeiqa, al-Jbeiliyeh, al-Rashdiyeh, al-Ummal, Kanamat, Khasarat and al-Aradi.

The reporter added that the army operations inflicted heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists in personnel and equipment, in addition to destroying their positions and fortifications.

In the southeastern direction of Al-Bukmal city, the air force carried out intensive airstrikes on ISIS infiltration areas and fortifications in the cities of al-Ashara and al-Qureyeh, 60 km southeast of al-Mayadeen, killing a number of terrorists, among them Mohammad Jasem al-Arran.

Civil sources said that one of ISIS self-claimed leader in Deir Ezzor nicknamed Abo al-Tayyeb al-Idelbi along with 5 others, fled away.


Army units uncovered  a factory for manufacturing explosive devices, explosive belts and drones left behind ISIS terrorists in Jub al-Basheer village in Jub al-Jarrah area.

The army units are continuing combing the area which has been cleared of ISIS terrorists in Jub al-Jarah where they found a factory for manufacturing IEDs, explosive belts, three drones, and a warehouse for medical supplies, said SANA reporter in Homs.

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