Syrian-Russian businessmen discuss promoting joint economic and trade relations

Moscow, SANA- Delegation of the Syrian-Russian Businessmen Council discussed on Tuesday with a large number of Russian businessmen the trade and economic relations between Syria and Russia and means of developing them, particularly with regards to the reconstruction process in Syria and inviting Russian companies to participate in this process.

Syrian Ambassador in Moscow Riyad Haddad affirmed that the meeting is an important economic forum to promote economic cooperation between the Russian Federation and Syria, especially regarding the reconstruction process in Syria in all aspects of life in order to shift from the stage of destruction to the stage of re-building and organizing urban regions and neighborhoods on a modern basis.

Ambassador Haddad asserted that the Syrian Embassy in Moscow will always be ready to overcome all obstacles and difficulties that occur in the work process to create a successful and appropriate investment environment in both countries.

For his part, Head of the delegation Samir Hasan said that all Russian activities are invited to invest in the reconstruction process of Syria and that the Syrian-Russian Businessmen Council is ready to participate in any project it deems appropriate.

He pointed out that the situation in Syria has become safe and stable and 90% of the Syrian territory can be invested.

In turn, the delegation’s member Ammar al-Bardan presented a detailed explanation on the reconstruction projects in Syria, saying that this process is “the largest investment project in the world in the twenty-first century.”

The meeting was attended by a large number of Russian businessmen specialized in various fields of industrial, agricultural, construction and energy, who made various inter-positions in which they defined their fields of work and their specialties and asked questions that raised their interest in investing in Syria.

The meeting was also attended by a number of the specialists in humanitarian fields like the repairing of historical and cultural monuments, schools, hospitals and the basic infrastructure necessary for the daily life of citizens in the post-war period.

Earlier, the delegation met with Russian businessmen of Syrian origin and discussed with them ways to improve trade exchange with the Russian Federation in all fields, having knowledge about the requirements of the Russian markets of agricultural materials and food products.


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