Abu Rabah 16 gas well becomes operational, providing 350,000 cubic meters per day

Homs, SANA – The Abu Rabah 16 gas well in al-Furuqlus area in the eastern countryside of Homs province became operational on Sunday, providing 350,000 cubic meters per day.

While activating the well, Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Ali Ghanem underlined the importance of this achievement which is part of the Ministry’s plan for increasing drilling, as three wells have been drilled at an overall capacity of 1 million cubic meters of gas, in addition to activating 12 wells producing around 2.5 cubic meters of gas per day.

Ghanem said that Abu Rabah 16 well will achieve added economic value in terms of the value of fuel it will save, adding that around 10 million cubic meters of gas are being provided to electric power stations currently.

The Minister also visited the site where well 17 is being drilled, noting that the drill being used was assembled by local talent, and that efforts will focus on new areas in Qara area north of Damascus.

Ghanem also visited the National Training Center at al-Besseh site, where he was briefed on the steps taken to extinguish six wells that terrorists had set fire to in Jahar field and that were liberated by the Syrian Arab Army, in addition to inspecting work at Ebla and the southern central area gas plants which provide around 10 million cubic meters of clean gas per day.

Hazem Sabbagh

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