625 persons of al-Wa’er neighborhood in Homs have their legal status settled

Homs, SANA-The legal status of more than 600 persons from al-Wa’er neighborhood in Homs had been settled until now in the framework of the reconciliation agreement that was reached in the neighborhood, paving the way for the return of all the governmental institutions to it.

Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi told SANA reporter that the reconciliation agreement in al-Wa’er runs according to the specific program, which extends for a period between six to eight weeks.

“At last, the neighborhood will be free from all armed phenomena after the exit of gunmen who rejected to join the reconciliation along with their families and the settlement of the status of those who want to return to their normal lives in accordance with the Amnesty Decree No. 15 for 2016,” the Governor added.

Earlier this week, over 1400 gunmen and members of their families left al-Waer neighborhood towards the northern countryside of Homs province.


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