100 militants exit from Beit Jin Farm and Mogher al-Mir in Damascus Countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA-A number of militants, along with their families, have been evacuated from Beit Jin Farm and Mogher al-Mir in the framework of the ongoing efforts to root out terrorism and restore security and stability to the western side of Damascus Countryside.

A source at Damascus Countryside Governorate told SANA that 100 militants who refused reconciliation have been evacuated from Beit Jin Farm and Mogher al-Mir along with their families to be transferred to Idleb in preparation for implementing an agreement stipulates for a settlement in accordance with the conditions of laws and regulations, particularly the Amnesty Decree No.15 for 2016.

The source said that the agreement, the settlement of the legal status of wanted persons and the evacuation of those who refuse the reconciliation ensure the return of security and stability to Beit Jin Farm, Mogher al-Mir and other villages in western part of Damascus Countryside and then the return of the State institutions to them.


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