Rodskoy: Russian Army ready to ensure safe exit for gunmen and civilians willing to leave Aleppo eastern neighborhoods

Moscow, SANA-The Russian Army is ready to ensure a safe exit for gunmen and civilians who want to leave the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, according to Lieutenant General Sergey Rodskoy, Commander of the operations’ department at the Russian General Staff.

In a statement on Thursday, Rodskoy said that the West ignores the use of civilians as human shields by the armed groups in Syria and continue to launch a media campaign against Russia by accusing it of bombing Aleppo randomly.

He pointed out that Russia is ready to help in the operation of delivering humanitarian aid to the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, stressing the need for guarantees on the part of the gunmen who are there in order to avoid a repeat of the attack on an aid convoy in Oram al-Kubra to the west of Aleppo on September 19.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the government, due to its keenness on the lives of the citizens living in eastern Aleppo,
expresses full readiness to ensure the safety of those who want to leave the area.

The source added that the Syrian government also guarantees the safety of gunmen who want to leave the area to settle their legal status or to head to other areas for normal life to return to eastern Aleppo and the state service institutions to resume work to meet the needs of the citizens who want to stay in eastern Aleppo.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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