Ambassador Ala: Countries that take part in war on Syria responsible for humanitarian suffering of displaced people

Geneva, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva Hussam Eddin Ala held the states that are taking part in the war on Syria  responsible for the humanitarian suffering of displaced people who are exploited by terrorist recruiting networks and human and limb trafficking in some migration countries.

Ala was speaking at the 67th Session of the Executive Committee of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva.

He added that those states had started to build camps before the beginning of the crisis in Syria to force the Syrians leave their homeland and make use of them later on as a tool of political and financial blackmail and to serve their schemes.

“Ignoring those factors don’t help reach real solutions to the humanitarian crisis and its repercussions in Syria, rather it contributes to prolonging the dirty war on the country,” said Ala, expressing astonishment at overlooking the underlying causes for the humanitarian crisis and forced migration like supporting terrorism, illegitimate unilateral procedures, irresponsible interventions and policies despite they constitute violations of the UN’s Charter and the international law.

“The multi-sided war imposed on Syria led to humanitarian and economic crises and forced the Syrians to leave and seek more stable and secure areas inside Syria or abroad fleeing terrorism backed by regional and international states and looking for better living conditions after the unilateral economic sanctions imposed by the same parties and affected vital service sectors,” Ambassador Ala said.

He added that the unprecedented challenges due to the sharp increase in the number of displaced people necessitate adopting a comprehensive rapprochement and mobilizing efforts to find sustainable solutions to deal with reasons for the doubled forced migration and addressing the underlying causes such as intervention policies, attacks on the national sovereignty of states and attempts to destabilize their safety and territorial integrity.

The Ambassador regretted that the UN still ignores dealing with terrorism which has turned into a threat to the security and stability of states and a main factor for the emergence of humanitarian crises, noting that in addition to the fact that the Israeli entity remains a main reason for forced migration in our region, the foreign interventions in states’ internal affairs and the establishment of illegitimate military alliances to target political regimes and the use of foreign-backed terrorism and unilateral procedures to serve their schemes have contributed, over the last few years, to more destabilize the region and force citizens to flee the stressful security and living conditions.

Ambassador Ala added that the Syrian government is looking forward to get more support in order to provide the appropriate circumstances to facilitate the voluntary return of Syrian citizens who left the country, adding that it stresses its commitment to take necessary procedures in this regard.

He expressed hope that the UNHCR would support the Syrian government’s efforts to meet the essential requirements of displaced people in Syria, including the rehabilitation of makeshift centers and offer necessary help and assistance to fulfill their needs.



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