“Jasmine” film wins the first award at Sciacca International Italian festival

Damascus, SANA- The short documentary film “Jasmine” won the first award in the official competition for the short documentary Arab and foreign film at Sciacca International Italian festival which concluded its activities on August 28.

The festival’s arbitration commission clarified that the film has met the best standards of quality set by the commission this year starting from the process of selecting the competitive films until the evaluation process.

 The Festival, which kicked off on August 17, aims at displaying the skillful works in the fields of film directing, Scenario, photography, acting, editing and music in addition to creating cinematic culture between the East and the West.

The film which was directed by the director al-Muhannad Kalthoum  managed to convey a humanitarian message to the world in general and to Italy in particular that the rights of humans and children in Syria were violated by terrorism.

The documentary film, which belongs to “the deco drama” documentary film style, relates the suffering of the Syrian children during the crisis in their country and its impacts on their dreams and thoughts.

The film also depicts children’s perspective of the fierce terrorist war which destroyed their homes, schools and lands, yet it still reflects their hopes of better future.

It won “a special tribute” from the administration of the International Festival of Sousse which concluded its 9th session on May 10 in Ait Melloul city in Morocco.


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