Al-Baath Party official: Resistance culture indispensible for confronting Zionist project

Damascus, SANA-  Al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Assistant Regional Secretary Hilal al-Hilal called on all national and pan-Arab parties, powers and organizations to coordinate in order to overcome the intricate stage that the Arab nation is passing through.

Al-Hilal, who was speaking during his meeting with a delegation from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, headed by Ahmad Fou’ad, the Front’s deputy secretary general, said the culture of resistance is indispensible for confronting the Zionist project.

Al-Quds international day this year coincides with a barbaric Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip amid popular protests condemning the aggression that have swept world capitals, al-Hilal said.

هلال 2

Chairman and members of the delegation, for their part, affirmed that the aggression against Syria and Palestine is one and the same in terms of the goals, tools and tactics, making it one battle and one fate.

M. Ismael


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