100 wanted persons have their legal status settled in Wadi Barada area

Damascus countryside, SANA- In the framework of the local reconciliation, Some 100 wanted persons had their legal status settled in Wadi Barada area in Damascus Countryside on Tuesday after they had turned themselves in to the authorities.

Radwan Mustafa, member of the Damascus countryside branch of al-Baath Party, said this settlement is a message from the people of Wadi Baradi area to all those involved in the events which Syria is witnessing to join the reconciliations taking place in several areas in Damascus Countryside,.

In turn, selectman of Jdaidet al-Wadi area Maamoun Koukash expresses hope that local reconciliations would expand in Wadi Barada area.

A number of the wanted people who had their legal status settled said that they can’t wait to return to their normal lives, and called on all those who are involved in the events to join the settlement initiative.

Reem / Hazem Sabbagh

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