A team of Russian experts prepare preliminary assessment of destruction in Palmyra

Moscow , SANA- The Russian Foreign Ministry said that a team of Russian experts made a preliminary evaluation of the destruction in the archaeological city of Palmyra , adding that it will submit a report in this regard to the general secretariat of the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization ( UNESCO ).

On March 27th, Army units in cooperation with popular defense groups restored security and stability to Palmyra city and established full control over Palmyra airport and the archaeological city which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The ministry said in a statement issued on Wednesday and published on RT website that the Russian experts who are currently working in Palmyra represent Likhachov Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Russian Ministry of Culture.

On Tuesday, UNESCO executive council unanimously adopted a Russian draft resolution on the reconstruction of Palmyra and other archaeological sites in Syria.

ISIS terrorist organization stole a large number of archaeological artifacts and smuggled them outside Syria in addition to destroying many historic archaeological sites in the city including the tower tombs, The Arc of Triumph, Temple of Bel, Temple of Baalshamin and the Lion of al-Lat statue.

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