Shakkour: Syria ready to join UNESCO in its efforts to restore Palmyra

Paris, SANA – Syria’s Permanent representative to UNESCO, Ambassador Lamia Shakkour, stressed that Syria is ready to join the UNESCO in its efforts to restore the ancient city of Palmyra after it is recaptured from the ISIS terrorist organizations.

Shakkour, speaking at the 199 session of the UNESCO Executive Board held recently in Paris, called upon the allied and friendly countries to mobilize efforts in order to preserve and revive the cultural heritage of this historic city.

Ambassador Shakkour underlined that the international efforts to restore what has been damaged in Palmyra and other archaeological sites in Syria will crystallize features of extraordinary times of this historic city, stressing the need for providing necessary funds and expertise and establishing strategic international partnerships with UN member states, especially Russia, to uphold civilization and defeat terrorism.

She said that Syria has provided a lot of martyrs from Palmyra’s residents and those who are concerned in preserving its heritage, adding that the martyrdom of Dr. Khaled al-Asaad is clear evidence on such sacrifices.

Shakkour highlighted the UNESCO’s leading role and its contributions to revive world heritage sites damaged by catastrophes, conflicts and wars which laid the foundation for close cooperation with the Syrian Government and the concerned bodies to combine international expertise, capabilities and funds presented by the UNESCO member states and friendly countries.

On 27th of March, the army units aided by the popular defense groups and backed by the Syrian and Russian Air Forces restored stability and security to Palmyra city and the archeological site and inflicted heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists in personnel and equipment.

The Ambassador hailed the stances of permanent representatives of the UNESCO member states on condemning the losses suffered by Syria in the current crisis, the damages of cultural and humanitarian heritage and the catastrophic repercussions on Syria’s historic heritage, including distortion of material and non-material cultural heritage, plundering and illegal trafficking of archaeological and cultural properties in Syria.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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