Health Minister: Health situation in Syria reassuring

Damascus, SANA- Health Minister Dr. Nizar Yazigi said that the health situation in Syria is reassuring compared to the challenges that it faces, explaining that there have been no epidemics or pandemics during the past period and that all medical cases registered are still within the normal limits.

During his meeting with the directors of health in Syria’s provinces on Thursday, Yazigi called on all parties concerned to make all efforts to meet the health needs of citizens who visit health Institutions and to face pandemic diseases including influenza, hepatitis and other infectious diseases.

Yazigi assured that all medicines are freely available to treat all communicable diseases at health centers in the Syrian provinces, noting that the ministry provides medical staffs at department of intensive care at public hospitals with vaccines for flu in addition to locals who are most vulnerable to diseases.

Minister Yazigi said that the ministry is working to support and enhance the ambulance system, fill the shortfalls, maintain medical vehicles and equipment to save the lives of patients, noting that it seeks to cooperate with friendly countries to secure medical supplies, medicine, equipment and spare parts, calling for the rationalization of spending, reduction of waste and taking advantage of the available resources.

Director of Communicable and Chronic Diseases Department Ahmad Dmeiriyeh said on May 16 that H1N1 flu infection and death rates in Syria are no higher than international rates and are comparable to those in neighboring countries.


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