Terrorist attacks injure three in Damascus Countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA – An explosive device planted by terrorists near a gas station in Douma area in Damascus Countryside went off on Saturday, leaving two civilians wounded.

A Police Command source told SANA reporter that terrorists detonated a roadside bomb they had earlier planted on Daamscus-Homs highway opposite to Rahmeh gas station, causing injury to two citizens who were driving a car in the site.

The terrorist attack today is not a precedent in this particular area, as it followed repeated attacks, including attacks with bombs or sniper gunfire, the latest of which was a few days ago when a girl child was shot by a sniper and got injured. A citizen was also injured last March, while a February attack killed another.

On a relevant note, a terrorist sniper opened fire on a car near al-Iman Mosque on the Harasta highway, injuring one woman who sustained a gunshot to the head.

H. Said / H. Sabbagh

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