President al-Assad to Russian delegation: Eradication of terrorist organizations would lead to political solution

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday received a Russian delegation of parliamentarians and social figures headed by Sergei Gavrilov, Chairman of the State Duma’s Committee on Property Affairs.

The meeting focused on the deeply-rooted historical relations between the Syrian and Russian peoples and the importance of consolidating these relations, particularly in the field of counterterrorism and in providing humanitarian aid, in addition to other spheres, on top of which, the economic domain.


President al-Assad expressed appreciation over the Russian stances in support of the Syrian people, which have recently manifested through the air force aid to the Syrian Armed Forces in its war against terrorism, stressing that this Russian stance represents “writing a new history because this war will determine the future of the region and the world”, as beating terrorism will not only protect Syria but also all other world countries.

The President added that “eradicating terrorist organizations would lead to the political solution that we, in Syria and Russia, seek in a way that satisfies the Syrian people and protects Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Members of the delegation stressed that the Russian people support the efforts exerted by President al-Assad in counterterrorism, which sets the foundations for bringing back peace and stability to Syria, as they would form a new world system based on a just ground.


They also expressed conviction that the support, which the decision taken by the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the participation of Russian air force in the war against terrorism has gained in the Duma Council, reflects the support of all Russian community because the war is one, the struggle is against a common enemy, and victory is unquestionable.

On Tuesday, President al-Assad stressed during his summit meeting with President Putin the need for halting all forms of support to the terrorist organizations and making room for the Syrian people to determine the future of their country.

Rasha Milhem/ Barry

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